Development Facts & Information


Members of Raveneaux,

As ownership, we would like to take this time to answer questions and address concerns regarding the development of the 6.8 acres where the driving range currently resides, and speak directly to the misinformation circulating on social websites and flyers.  Raveneaux Country Club and the community we serve, has always been and will remain our primary focus and concern.  We believe a vibrant Club with golf and sports facilities enhances the Champion Forest Community and neighboring home values, just as happy resident members support our interests.  

Becoming Club owner, after several ownership changes, we have continually reinvested to protect and enhance our property which benefits the community.  We endured hurricane damage, numerous course flooding events, and economic downturns. We persevered.  In 2010, Raveneaux ownership and the CFPUD successfully negotiated the transfer of +/- 13.5 commercially developable acres to the CFPUD, specifically for the creation of the park fronting Cypresswood Drive.  With all parties agreeing, CFPUD residents overwhelming approved the bond issue to build and maintain the park, and to strictly restrict future development to a footprint of approximately 27 acres. 

We’ve been very patient these seven years waiting on the right builder and the economic climate to support the provisions in our agreement.  Beazer Homes provides the confidence for success, as they are experienced, stable, and financially secure.  We look forward to meeting with you on March 29 to provide assurance and answer your questions.  Thank you all.
Raveneaux Ownership

  • When CFPUD residents voted to restrict development to a smaller footprint, the once contemplated more expansive brownstones became untenable.  We have explored many options.  With four story condominiums, the buildings will be much lower than the existing high rise development which has been a fixture in our community.  These mid-rise condominiums offer proven floor plans similar to homes successfully developed by Beazer Homes in Mid-Atlantic markets.  Texas tastes however call for brick and stone elevations in lieu of the side-board elevations that had matched community expectations and desires in those particular markets.   You may have seen this version on the Beazer Homes website. The Raveneaux project will serve as the Beazer Homes showcase in Texas. 
  • The product being discussed is reserved for adults 55 and older.  These residents will contribute their full share to the tax rolls, both for the CFPUD, Harris County, and the Klein Independent School District, yet it is highly unlikely such residents would add many students to the classrooms.
  • As appropriate for mature home owners, the buildings will include elevators and an indoor garage for each resident.  In architectural accordance with those built in the other markets, each unit will be single story ranging in size from 1,400 to 2,000+.
  • The agreement with the CFPUD strictly forbids rental communities.  In addition, Beazer Homes Home Owner Association rules also require units to be owner occupied.
  • The contract with the CFPUD mandates a minimum construction cost averaging $85 per square foot.  Beazer Home’s cost of construction will far exceed such requirements.
  • The two buildings now proposed will orient with Raveneaux to their front, the park at the back, and running perpendicular away from Cypresswood Drive.  Most importantly, NONE of the condominium homes contemplated affect any of the park greenspace nor any of the existing golf holes or PUD owned property.  The CFPUD maintains complete management of current and future park developments.  The buildings will occupy the treeless area now serving as the driving range. 
  • Both Harris County and FEMA and their engineers impose very strict permitting with specific guidelines to ensure that no impact is made to the floodplain.  A project that would increase the likelihood of flooding would never be approved by governing authorities, and Raveneaux would have no self interest in increasing any risk.  A drainage impact study on the 6.8 in question has already been conducted and approved by Harris County Flood Control.
  • All homeowners will carry at a minimum an Athletic Membership to Raveneaux Country Club with options to choose other categories such as Tennis and Golf. Dues will be collected via HOA fees.  Additional information will be forthcoming.
  • We’ve addressed our record of commitment to the Club.  It is discouraging to hear innuendos that long planned development represents “desperate actions to save the Club.”  The financials of Raveneaux and our commitment to its success are as strong and unwavering as ever.

Most community members will recall that developing a small portion of the land, not dedicated to the park, has always been our intention.  We’ve been transparent with anyone inquiring and will continue to provide forums to provide truthful answers.  We feel that we have now found the product that best suits the Club, and are simply exercising the provisions in the agreement.  A sophisticated residential component bests any alternatives we’ve considered. 

While the development of the property is not a prerequisite for our continued operations and success of the Club, it is necessary in order for the Club to reach the greater potential.  By that we mean, the capital infusion from the real estate affords us the opportunity to make important enhancements that would not otherwise be possible.  An already designed state of the art practice facility will be located south of the residences.  This community asset will be unmatched in the local market.  The plans have been widely distributed and are readily available for review. 

The development allows us to serve a growing segment of our community interested in adult leisure-oriented activity.  With such a highly committed membership base, they strengthen our unique community asset, facilitating increased investment in the amenities attractive to potential home buyers and available to all Raveneaux members.  In conjunction with CFPUD efforts, we are pleased to be part of good greenspace stewardship along the entire property of what historically has been “Raveneaux Country Club”.